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#01 – House in a garden – The first week of my Picasso year

This was the first week of my Picasso year and I dedicated myself to painting House in a Garden (House and Trees) – Maisonette dans un Jardin ( Maisonette et abres)  by Pablo Picsasso in 1908 and it is hanging in Moscow right now. The painting would be a simplified depiction of Horta de San Juan in Spain, where his friend Pallares lived.

Picasso was playing with the idea of cubism and nature, with inspiration by Cézanne’s art. Cubism was blooming and the revolution started in Paris.

Oh Paris, Paris, the capital of revolutions, the capital of art. It is a shame I never really been there for more than a couple of hours!

Now, back to my first week with Picasso. Above everything it was a great opportunity to learn about oils. The thing of the moment now is trying to learn more each day, and successively the fears might go away.

I made a series of videos and my idea was to assemble them to show more or less how my process went. It was basically the whole week. You can see some of my family members running around while I was painting. But everything is in very high speed.

This week I saw a film: Midnight in Paris. It was funny but sweet. Strongly recommend it. I also discovered a bunch of songs that are so nice in French. Well, I am not saying that Edit Piaff is off, but It would be nice to update the tunes a little bit. Anyway, I’m feeling hooked in some singers now: Christophe Maé, with Marcel (So so beautiful) !

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