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sold – In the end the road will be right

This is an original certificate for the painting: In the end the road will be right.

Sold in april 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden.

I had the honour to donate this painting to be auctioned in the venue of the “Spring Fling Gala” a fundraiser for BISS Wishlist and Charities and I had the pleasure to sit right on the table where the bidding persons where! lucky me, because I was surrounded by amazing people, and the bidders that won are a very pleasant and beautiful couple, thank you!

Size is 90×90 cm

Medium Acrylics on canvas

Created in 2018.

Certificate signed on May 21st.


In The End the Road Will be Right
In The End the Road Will be Right – Photo by Adriana Nascimento


Here some a picture at an earlier stage of the painting. It was a pity I did not take pictures from the begining. I´ll  try to do it from now on!


In the end


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