Art Challenge

4th day of the 30in30 challenge

04th painting of 30 - Joana Öberg 2017
04th painting of 30 – Joana Öberg 2017

I made it! It is not perfect, not done, but a very nice in-process painting.

I should have posted it yesterday. But life got in the way…

You know when teenagers and tweenies try to fool you so they skip going to bed in time? And this morning I thought I would wake up early and update on my journey, but nope… I didn´t wake up in time, the kids didn´t, not even the dog did it, if you wanna know.

Maybe it is because Stockholm is getting darker each day and our bed is so darn cozy at 06 am, u know…

This painting started as a big mess, than something happened and it started making sense.

I know Ill come back to it and give it a lot of love later on, but today I have the 5th painting to produce… Who knows, maybe Ill even post it tonight :) Wish me luck!


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