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A very sad day in Sweden

[GTranslate] Last friday was a very tough and sad day. The world now knows what happened in the beautiful city of Stockholm. To me it was horrible and it left a deep strange feeling inside. I don´t know if it was due to the terrorist actions which happened 10/15 minutes after I walked through Drottninggatan or to the fact that I was running around with everyone else, not really knowing what was going on and it felt so scarry and absurd, or if it was because of the pictures I´ve seen, and the detailed information on the Newspapers. Maybe the sum of everything.

I feel for all the losses, for the injured and for the ones that are having trouble to sleep because of the horrible scenes.  I really hope that their wounds heal soon.

Last Sunday I decided I would paint something in my art diary as a  reminder from Friday the 04th of April.  So I painted a symbol that to me is very strong. It is the depiction of one of the lions from Drottninggatan. which was ran over by the truck. The technique is watercolor and gouache.

Lion on Drottninggatan 1
Lion on Drottninggatan 1