Live to Learn. Curiosity is my fuel. Art is my dream.

I am a self-taught artist and designer. Working with art, especially with images was always my dream. It took me a bunch of years to finally have the opportunity to exercise on painting with the right materials and to get to know the basics of drawing. 

I was born in Rio de Janeiro – Nova Iguaçu, a city of hard-working men. I used to take a bus to my job that took around 2 hours to arrive and later at 18:00 I was headed to the university. When I took the bus back home at 10 PM I was really tired and the bus driver used to advise when it was my time to go off the bus.

I am really envious of the kids today. They have so much more opportunities.  If I had Youtube then… If the internet was so much cheaper and faster…

But Ok. Now I live in Sweden. I have my family here. Two kids, that are now almost adults (Oh my!) I am getting old!

I still have a 9-5 work, but it takes me less than 30 minutes to reach the job. I´m good, I´m happy and grateful, but I still dream of only living for making what I love. Only time will tell.