Small artist and designers against stealers – Is protecting your brand really possible?

Today I was at a very nice lecture ” Your brand – one of your biggest assets” at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm.

The lecture was given by Anton Blomberg, Patent- och registreringsverket and Anna Grönlund Krantz, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson.

It was very interesting and I am happy I had the chance to be there.

Be consistent with your message

One of the things I learnt at the breakfast seminar was that it is very important for you to understand your brand has to be seen from multiple perspectives and they all have to communicate the same – Your message has to be the same in your communication: to your employees, to investors, to users and partners.

Another subject was about how to protect your brand, in which categories, and where.

I am also interested in designing but I do not know very much about it. I am researching and deciding which way I may take.

Shopify, Woocommerce, Zazzle… At the same time you see people saying that there are some small sharks stealing designs in those platforms. Anyway I think those may be annoying but in the non-virtual world there are bigger, stronger and much more powerful ones.

Small designers/artists in danger!

Beware the BIG Sharks

I got very surprised in the seminar when hearing the story of a designer that got her designs stolen by a large Swedish company.

That left me quite alarmed! Until then, I had the firm impression that Swedish companies were very politically correct. I mean, stealing from a small designer? How can that be?

According to the designer, she had worked for so many years with her lovely designs and got a reputation. With a number of passionate followers, which were the ones who indicated someone was “stealing” her work of art. She got congratulations for her success on having her designs displayed at such a reputable company. She could not believe in what she saw in the Companies website, she said. A lot of her own work was there being sold, and she did not get a cent from it!
When the artist approached that Company and made clear her designs were stolen, they just acknowledged, but then comes the shock, rather than reimburse her or make an offer to pay for the design they simply decided to take all products out of line, wow!
In my world this is so damn unnecessary and such a mean decision. It is very frustrating and disgusting. How can big companies do like that, and in Sweden? Hello?!?!??

This makes me want to stop buying products from big companies and definitely turn to small producers or just create everything I need myself. What a Crazy Me me me world!

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