New Art Show in Gothenburg!

Yes it is true, my site was full of cob-webs, but now it has something new going on. It is going to be fantastic, I hope!

So, hope to get to meet some people onshow on Kulturhuset Vingen!

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10 paintings of 30

Wow, 1/3 of the way to go!
I arrived from a “Zumba trip” with some friends. My body is mangled, but I got to paint my number 10th!
I dont know how will I wake up tomorrow. How will I be able to get my kids up and running for school!
Here comes the 10th.

10 of 30 by Joana Öberg 2017
10 of 30 by Joana Öberg 2017


The Brick – Cross Program project

[GTranslate]Three days we spent thinking, planning and creating solutions for a company owned by Joakim Alm, from Alm Equity AB and Björn Ulvaeus (one of the ABBA singers – still active).

The Brick is an enormous building that was Ericssons headwater on the 70´s.

The group I worked with was

Lisen (DDS)

Marc (DM)



Joana (IAD)


We worked , as usual from 09 to 23, where exhausted in the delivering day but also had a lot of fun.

Here we are trying the giant pots they used to cook meals for the workers on Ericsson.