First day, first post


So I will start this journey on the blogg100 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 22.39.09

It really feels like a big challenge to be part of this group, I hope that you guys do not mind me writing in english!

This post will be personal. What I want to share is that I am happy. My little girl turned 09 today. We went out and did some bowling… By the way:  It was the very first time I played bowling!

I felt myself like “Wilma Flintstone”  playing together with my family. It was kind of fun :)

Next week I will be taking part in one more Hackaton – This time for the Movie Festival Tempo – Hi-Tempo

. This one has to do with the movies industry and Transmedia. I am very excited and doing a lot of research!