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First Real World Big Client!


This was a really cool experience!

Skype asked our help to make their asynchronous communication more personal and user friendly. We spent five weeks on this project, We researched, downloaded hundreds of Instant Messahging apps, and in the end we (Alexander Tengner ,  Jonas Halfter, Mikaela Saletti,  Anders Hellstörm and Lars Svennbeck) did not come up with only one  but three great ideas to present to our client:

#1.  Secret idea

Skype is actually patenting our idea, so that´s why we unfortunately cannot comment it right now.


The only thing I can say is that, if developed it will revolutionize the way people communicates via chart. Wait and see!

Now… THIS was REALLY cool, right!?


#2. Skype chat



In Skype Chat I contributed with the Concept and Prototyping.

#2. Skype Grid

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 23.19.09

In Skype Grid I contributed in the Ideation.


Look at us, completely exausted, smelly (we were in a island in Stockholm’s archipelago for three days; there was not enough heat or warm water, but we enjoyed every moment!

And it was definetly worth it! Would do it again.

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