Art myart Vernissage

First Solo Art Show in Sweden

So my first Solo Exhibition was really nice. Thank you Järfälla Konstforum, Thank you Järfälla Kommun!

The Vernissage was at a small gallery on the Castle of Görväln. A beautiful place for spending time on the summer.

I received so many dear visitors, family and friends. They brought me flowers, hugs and inspiration!

Plus, I was blessed with the nicest weather I could expect!

But what nobody knew is that a couple of minutes before my first visitor arrived I was running around like a rabbit on amphetamine. I was so stressed that I was screaming while trying to set the reception in place.

Oh, but how lucky  I  am for having  most of my dear visitors arrive a little bit late :)


Next day it was Midsummer day and I took the day off with my family and friends in order to eat the herring, drink some wine and of course eat the delicious strawberries.

On the following days while I was sitting by the gallery on that beautiful castle garden I spent some of the nicest moments of my life. From Saturday to Wednesday I came to the small gallery and I met some interesting people and  lots of artists!  I hope they all decide to join our local association. But one thing I noticed. It is funny how most people look at art. I watched a lot of people while they were looking at my art and I could notice how most people really are happy with just taking a fast glimpse of the art.  I know they did like one ore two particular pieces, but you can see that they  do not take so much time to look at it.

With kids  it is something similar, but more spontaneous. It happens that they look at it, and they really express what is it they like or not. They can even say: Wow… I could never do that… It is so beautiful! They take a picture and in a second you glimpse them running away to the next cool thing.

While I was sitting inside the gallery I noticed that people went away much faster than when I allowed them to be alone. Interesting.

I do not want to be like a shadow when someone is taking his/her time looking at my paintings, but I sure do not want to be mistaken by someone that does not care.

I would love to know how other artists do.

Have a nice summer!



[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG0Ctg5PkCA[/embedyt]