A Journey Through Color and Form

Artist Statement:

In the heart of Rio de Janeiro in 1972, under it´s vibrant and caotic skies a passion for art was born. I, Joana Öberg, embarked on a journey that would take me across continents, from the bustling streets of Brazil to the serene landscapes of Sweden.

I have traversed the realms of traditional and digital mediums to express the vivid dance of colors and forms that define my artistic signature.

My journey from Brazil to Sweden has been a canvas of its own, capturing the essence of my experiences through abstract and expressive artistry. My canvas is a playground of water and mixed mediums, where I unleash my creativity to explore the depths of emotion and expression.

Artistic Philosophy:

Since the early days of 1982, my devotion to art has been unwavering. I continually seek to refine my skills through both formal classes and the vibrant community of artists in Sweden. 

My work invites viewers into a world where abstract forms and expressive features collide, creating a unique visual experience.

Future Endeavors:

As I look to the future, my canvas stretches into new exhibitions and projects, each offering a new opportunity to explore the depth of creativity. My art is a dialogue, ever-evolving and inviting engagement from audiences far and wide.

Invitation to Connect:

Art is a journey best shared. I welcome conversations, collaborations, and opportunities to bring more beauty into our world through art. Reach out, and let’s create something unforgettable together.