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My first Konstrunda! Twas really cool

I don´t really know how to translate Konstrunda. It is when artists from a neighbourhood opens their ateliers or even gather somewhere and have their art exhibition. People than go visiting the artists around. Usually you have a kind of map showing where one can go.

I was terribly weak the first day. I had just spent 2/3 days with the flue, but in the evening of Saturday something happened and I was alright!

Here you can spot me hanging some paintings the evening before the exhibition. My loyal daughter was with me and helped me out. She even got to learn in a very fast track how to put hangers on the paintings and how to hang them so they are sort of in balance!

Järfälla Konstrunda 2017 Joana Öberg - Foto by Fredrik Forslind
Järfälla Konstrunda 2017 Joana Öberg – Foto by Fredrik Forslind

I was with a very pleasant group of amazing artists, all members of the Järfälla Konstforum:

Mona Stockinger
Linda Lidzén
Fredrik Forslind and
Inger Nyström

The days passed so fast and when it finished we all was a little bit depressed. We would like to continue talking to people, looking and breathing a lot of art.

I know there are LOTS of good artists in Järfälla.

Something is telling me next year’s Konstrundan will be even greater!

A special thank You to  Peggy Bernin, Tullia Jidenius and Vanja Burman for this great idea! The only thing I am sorry for is not being able to visit your exhibitions as well.

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