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Picasso Year Challenge – week one

In the last week of December I was playing with ideas for a “year challenge”. At first I had the idea to cook and paint, but as I am a 9 to 5 worker this could get quite stressing as cooking involves so many moments, so many details and… when I get home from work I am always hungry, too hungry to start creating some new food, so, no, this challenge will have to wait a little. But than I had the idea to get me to learn more about one of the greatest artists, Pablo Picasso.
I really do not think I´ll be able to copy a Picasso original in just one week, what I´ll do is try to learn from it and hopefully I will be able to apply the learning in my original art somehow.

So 2019 will be my Picasso year, and oh, yes, another detail: I am learning to paint in oils! I have been painting in acrylics, watercolours and gouache for quite sometime. Oils always scared me. Most because of its dangers: It’s health dangers and it´s proneness to accidents (specially for people like me living in old tree homes! ugh!)

Anyhow, as I started last Monday on my journey I grew to love painting in oils. I do not know exactly what it is, but it is so much sexier somehow! The way the paint touches the canvas and reacts to the brush is very much pleasant to me. And, don´t tell anyone, but I like the smell of Turpentine! I know it is terribly toxic, so I will just use the last jar and buy something less poisonous next week.

Bucket with dangerous stuff, covered in snow :)

I also know about the dangers of inflammation, so I bought an iron bucket where I toss all paper towels and rags. I use them and when I am done I leave the bucket outside our home. It is so cold outside and snowing almost every days, so I think this is a good temporary solution.

Today I already prepared my list of 50 paintings and on Monday I´ll start working on the first one :) I´ll have the whole week to have it ready and on next Sunday I´ll need to choose the second one.
The idea is to publish with a little more details, pictures, maybe videos on the weekends.
Would be cool to visit all the paintings as well. Most of them are in the USA, but at least one is in Sweden, which I am hoping to be able to visit this year.

I would be nice to know if anyone is interested to follow this amazing and scary journey with me. I will be publishing every day about the challenge on Instagram.

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