Art Challenge

Starting on the 30 in 30 challenge

So I decided to take a chance on the challenge of making 30 paintings in 30 days! It is a great Initiative of Leslie Saeta, a great artist that you should definitely know.

Please follow my journey while I try to keep up with this.

I think it can be a great exercise for any artist, but you see.. I am already starting with a handicap: Today is day 04 and I am posting my first three paintings, my hope is that I can make it right so I´ll paint number four this evening, wohoo! I really hope to :)

The objective of the challenge is NOT to produce 30 gallery show redy paintings, but to give us artists an urge to produce EVERYDAY some art.

So, here it comes: My first 03 paintings for the challenge.

Painting One of 30 - Joana Öberg 2017
Painting One of 30 – Joana Öberg 2017
Painting Two of 30 – Joana Öberg 2017
Painting 03 of 30 – Joana Öberg 2017

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