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We Won!


Coca-Cola went to Hyper Island and promoted a Hackaton for three days.

The Hackaton was published on the swedish media here and here, as well as on the Coca-Cola website.

The whole Hyper Island was assembled and the programs were mixed. In total we were 42 groups with up to 04 participants.
In the end, some groups had more than one “Motion” person, but my little group did not, but we made it anyway!
We where group number 18: Zac Rolz, Digby Baer and Joana Öberg.

I’ve never been to a Hackaton before. It was three very intense days, but I loved it!
The funny thing is that our idea was nailed already in the beginning of the second day. We knew it was a strong and creative idea!

When we presented the idea to the client we got a feedback that sounded GREAT in our ears, and I think that I will never forget!
she said: “.. I think you connected all the dots…
One of my group colleagues (I won´t say who) said he would tatoo those words :)

On December 02nd My group and other 13 headed to Coca-Cola headquarters in Stockholm to pitch the idea to the board. I was very nervous. I thought we would be presenting to four or five persons, but behind that red wall there were about 25 new faces.
We made our presentation, not flawless, but we had at least made them laugh in the end. We had a good lunch at Coke and left with a good feeling.

But Now I received an email telling that we are Number One!

I am sooooo happy. We sort of knew it, but you know, the other guys were also really good, but yeah!
I just want to laugh!
Coke Loves us!!! They want to meet us again and we will finally have a tour inside their factory and finally discover WHAT IS INSIDE THAT BOTTLE hahaha :)

About our Idea

I cannot tell you WHAT our amazing idea was yet, but as soon as we get the green light from Coca-Cola I will publish it here!