The Seventh Seal



I had the pleasure to enjoy the opera “The Seventh Seal” by the amazing João MacDowell with text by the great Ingmar Bergman.

I must confess that the first time I watched The Seventh Seal I did not like it at all. First, because I could barely speak Swedish and I guess that because I was so used to the American films  style I was not used to watching a so low paced film. Maybe it was too cold as well when I watched it, I don’t know.

Now, 16 years fast forward I went to look at the Opera by my fellow citizen João and I could not say anything else than I loved it! I can’t tell if it was its simplicity or if it was the way it was finely seasoned with Brazilian percussion that I was so in love with the opera. What I know is that after 03 hours Opera I came home and the first thing I did was to give a second go on the film and yes, I enjoyed it!


The Seventh Seal was plaid in Stockholm from 28th august to September 1st as part of the program for the Bergman Festival


But wait, you can STILL go to the last play this week! They will be on the Bristol Theater in Sundbyberg – 6 to 9 PM  on Sturegatan 39, 17231 Sundbyberg.

More info here

After that it will be in Brazil.

So I hope, from the bottom of my heart that IBOC gets all the support for their fantastic work of art. So if you know someone that can help them join/mix and unite cultures please give them a heads up!

They will be soon in Brazil in São Paulo, so please go experience “The Seventh Seal”. You won´t regret it.

Read more about the Opera and João here.

João Macdowell

I give you a sneak peek of the Seventh Seal here

For you guys that doens’nt understand a word in Swedish, but can portuguese I just found a video of the Film by Bergman from 1957 with subtitles in portuguese. Enjoy.







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